3-Phase Reactors

RL Line/Load Reactors

  • Harmonic Compensated and IGBT Compatible
  • Increase Drive System Reliability
  • Filter Power Line Disturbances
  • Reduce Harmonics
  • Reduce Surge Currents
  • Reduce dv/dt
  • Extend Transistor Life
  • Reduce Motor Noise and Temperature
  • Reduce Voltage Doubling Effects
  • Improve True Power Factor
  • Absorb Power Line Spikes


Matrix Harmonic Filters

The Matrix AP Harmonic Filter with MTE’s innovative “adaptive passive technology”*, is the most advanced harmonic filter that provides improved power factor and energy efficiency. Using the adaptive passive technology, the filter adapts to various loads while providing optimized THID performance. It maintains a THID performance of 8% MAX at 30% load and 5% MAX at full load and helps meet IEEE-519 Requirements (5% THID) when used at lighter loads.


Motor Protection Filters

MTE Motor Protection Filters are designed to protect AC motors from the destructive affects of long cable runs between an inverter and motor.

Series A Sine-Wave Filters provide a 5% THVD sine-wave output voltage for motor and cable protection when driven from PWM inverters with 2-8 K Hertz switching frequencies. These filters eliminate the problem of motor / cable insulation failures plus reduce electro-magnetic interference (EMI/RFI) by eliminating the high dV/dT from long-lead runs where the distance between the motor and the inverter is up to 15,000 feet. In addition, MTE Series A Sine Wave Filters eliminate motor audible noise and heat attributed to control by PWM inverter drives. Without a Sine-Wave filter VFD long-lead cable voltages will exceed 900 volts RMS.


dV/dt Filters

MTE SERIES A dV/dt FILTERS are designed to protect AC motors from the destructive effects of peak voltages facilitated by long cable runs between the inverter and motor.  Depending on the switching time of the power semiconductor used in the inverter and the size of the motor, cable lengths as short as eight feet can result in peak motor voltages that exceed the rating of the motor’s insulation system.  The longer the cable, the greater the problem.

The MTE dV/dt Filter is a passive fourth order device that reduces transmission line effects of motor cables by dampening the rate of voltage increase and minimizes the peak voltage that occurs at the motor terminals.  MTE Series A dV/dt Filters are designed for use with inverters operated at switching frequencies between 900Hz and 8kHz. 


RFI / EMI Filters

Single Phase & Three Phase
50/60 Hertz
Available in Ratings up to 600 Volts


MTE Corporation type "RF" filters offer an economical solution to many facility interference problems caused by the high frequency emissions of adjustable speed motor drives and inverters. Type "RF" filters can prevent drives and inverters from interfering with other sensitive electronic loads by reducing both common mode and differential mode noise emissions.

Typical drive and inverter applications include:
  • AC Motor Drives
  • DC Motor Drives

Power Factor Correction

ABB is the world leader in Power Factor Correction Capacitors and Automatic Systems.  Custom configurations are the standard after review of the historical power bills or the electrical single line and if harmonics are present a detuning reactor will be included.